herbal tisanes have gone from hippy to happening health drink, free from caffeine & full of goodness. Our organic hand crafted herbal tisanes are made from the finest botanicals from around the world: flowers, leaves, roots, berries, & seeds from edible plants, are carefully selected for their natural healing qualities & flavor properties. all lovingly hand blended & packed in geelong.
herbs that have been prepared to drink as tea have been enjoyed since ancient times. each herb or plant has its own power and specific health benefits, making a delicious cup that is beneficial to health and well-being. A pleasant way to relax your body & soothe your soul.
Our tisanes work on the mind, body and spirit, everything that we put on the inside, shows on the outside. by drinking herbal tisanes, our bodies receive the very best benefits, not only for our health, but also for the way we feel physically & mentally. enjoy a cup today & put balance back into your lifestyle!